History Audit for Olga of Izborsk (875)

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Changes to Individual Record

Modified By Sex Last Given Nick Title Pref Suff Orig Job AFN RIN NID Fam Order
2009-11-18 09:17:37 Edward Landry F of Izborsk Olga 1

Changes to Event Records

Modified By Type Date AD Aprox Age Loc LID Temple Status Notes Source
2009-11-18 09:17:37 Edward Landry BIRT 0005-07-08 1 Denmark
2015-05-07 02:16:24 Tiffany Beesley BIRT 0875-00-00 1 Denmark

GEDCOM Import Record(s)

0 @[email protected] INDI
1 _UPD 16 MAY 2007 13:00:08 GMT+5.5
1 NAME Olga /of Izborsk/
2 GIVN Olga
2 SURN of Izborsk
2 _MARNM Hroreksson
2 _UID D6FB7CB7-0358-44AA-AB3E-46A5A4984376
2 RIN MH:IF9218
2 DATE 875
2 PLAC Denmark
2 _UID B9ACA9D4-B3BF-467D-AE3A-F806AECBD224
2 RIN MH:IF9219
1 FAMS @[email protected]
1 RIN MH:I4023
1 _UID 19587D1E-0EC3-4267-98FF-C55E2711358A
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