Grand Duke of Kiev Yaroslav de Kiev I (980)

de Kiev
Ярослав (Yaroslav)
The Wise
Grand Duke of Kiev
Kievan Rus


Birth: ABT 0980
of, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine

Source image: 1376718.FTW
Death: 20 Feb 1054
Kiev, Ukraine

Source image: Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists, 7th Edition, by ABBR Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists, 7th Edition , by Frederick Lewis Weis, additions by Walter Lee Shippar d Jr., 1999
Event: 1019

Source image:
Burial: 1054
, , , Russia

Source image: 1376718.FTW

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Childhood Adulthood Later Years
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King Vladimir Sviatoslavich I (960 - 1015)
Princess of Polotsk Regneide (Rogneda) Of Polotsk (962 - 1002)
  Miss Of, Amelia,
  Anna [---] (~980)
  Ingigerd/Anna Olafsdottir (1001)
  Princess of Sweden Ingrid, Ingegarda Olofsdotter (1001)
     Igor (~1010)
     Elizabeth (~961)
     Anne (~1021)
     Elizaveta Yaroslavna (~1017)
     Agatha (1019)
     Vladimir (1020)
     Dobronega Maria (1020)
     Anastasia Agmunda (1022)
     Izyaslav I Dmitrij (1025)
     Sviatoslav (1027)
     Svyatopolk I (II) (1027)
     Vsevolod (1030)
     Elizabeth Ellisoff Ellisif (1032)
     Elizaveta (1032)
     Anne (1036)
     Anastasiya Agmunda (1023)
     Wsewolod (1029)
     Elizaveta (1032)
     Ussevold (1030)
     Vyacheslav (1034)
     Elisabeth (1031)
     Igor (1036)
     Ilya (1001)

Biography & History

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Yaroslav I the Wise

Yaroslav I the Wise (c. 978-1054) (East Slavic: Ярослав; Christian name: George; Old Norse: Jarizleifr) was thrice Grand Prince of Novgorod and Kiev, uniting the two principalities for a time under his rule. During his lengthy reign, Kievan Rus' reached a zenith of its cultural flowering and military power.

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