Grand Duke Sviatoslav Igorovich I (942)

Igorovich (Igorovich)
Sviatoslav I
Grand Duke
Grand Duke of Kiev Svyatoslav


Birth: 0942
, Kiev, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine

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Death: ABT 0972
, Kiev, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine

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, Kiev, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine

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Event: 17 Oct 2001
, Kiev, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine

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Childhood Adulthood Later Years
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Grand Duke of Kiev Igor (877 - 0945)
Grand Duchess of Kiev Olga Regent (881 - 0969)
  Maloucha the Slav (~942)
  Predislawa Zerind (0945)
     Wladimir (0000)
  Malusha of Lubech (0944)
     Vladimir (0960)

Biography & History

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Swjatoslaw, Grand Duke of Kiev, was the first of several strong rulers which ultimately led to the formation of the Russian state. In 965, he defeated the Khazars on the Lower Volga River. Called to the Balkans to aid the Greek emperor against the Bulgarians, he carried on a successful campaign (967) and decided to establish himself on the lower Danube. At this time, his power extended from Novgorod in the north to the Danube in the southwest and to the lower Volga in the southeast. He was forced to abandon Bulgaria in order to resist the Patzinaks, who had entered southern Russia from the east and were threatening Kiev. 2 CONT

Having repulsed them (968), he returned to Bulgaria, but by 971 he had been driven out by the Greek emperor himself, who had begun to look upon the Russians as hardly preferable to the Bulgarians. Hisarmy was defeated, and he himself killed, by the Patzinaks on the way back to Kiev in 972.2 CONT

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