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Suggested Mapping Original Location Text Events
South Africa Swellendam Swellendam, South Africa4121
Canada Acadia Port Royal Port Royal, Acadia, Canada3355
Quebec Quebec Quebec Quebec, Quebec, Quebec2036
South Africa Stellenbosch Stellenbosch, South Africa2024
NL Amsterdam Amsterdam, NL1945
England England1742
Canada Acadia Grand Pre Grand Pre, Acadia, Canada1737
Downeyville Downeyville1436
South Africa George George, South Africa1383
United States Virginia Virginia, United States1369
Zaandam Zaandam1351
England , , , England1282
Amsterdam Amsterdam1277
South Africa Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa1269
Georgia Georgia1268
Downeyville Downeyville, 1195
Rhode Island Providence Providence Providence, Providence, Rhode Island1172
Kentucky Breckinridge County Breckinridge County, Kentucky1111
Rhode Island Providence Cranston Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island1081
South Africa Graaff-Reinet Graaff-Reinet, South Africa1032
England London London, England969
Iowa Iowa961
England Middlesex London London, Middlesex, England941
? ?934