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Samuel Allen Wilcox Obituary Samuel Allen Wilcox SR. died at Cedar Fort, Utah County, Utah, April 7, 1898. The deceased was born March 22, 1819, in New York State, St. Lawrence County, Pelham town (all our records say, Norfolk) New York, making him 79 years and 15 days old. He embraced the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints September 14, 1839, moved to Commerence, afterward called Nauvoo, October 9, 1840. He and his faithful wife Martha patiently endured many of the trials and persecutions which the Saints passed through at Nauvoo. He was personally acquainted with the Prophet and often bore testimony of the divinity of his work. He emigrated to Utah in 1861. Brother Wilcox leaves a posterity of ten sons and ten daughters, sixty grandsons, twenty seven granddaughters, and twenty eight great grandchildren, making a grand total of 130. His two wives also survive him. He has held positions of trust and honor. In the church at the time of his death, he was a high Priest, belonging to the 27th Quorum of Seventies, and was counselor to Bishop Eli Bennett. Saturday April 9th, the Cedar Fort Ward meeting house was crowded with relatives and friends who met to pay their last respect to Samuel Allen Wilcox. Elders John Hacking and Petersen and Bishop Bennett bore testimony of the integrity, honesty, and gratefulness of Brother Wilcox. He was friend to the friendless and father to the fatherless. The word Father was therefore appropriately inscribed on the silver plate placed upon his coffin. He died as he had lived, a faithful Latter-day Saint.
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Marsha Wilcox on 2008-01-27 09:20:23
Marsha Wilcox on 2008-01-27 09:20:23