Dehli Kay Punjabi Sodagar in Lahore

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The Punjabi Saudagaran-e_Delhi are descendant of Muslim Khatri traders who settled in the old city of Delhi. The Origin of this line of descendant is from Bhera on the bank of River Jhelum. They were a trading family and since Bhera was the main crossing route from Central Asia into India the trading prospects were good. Around 1700 AD they shifted to Ambalaa and Delhi. By caste they are Siddiqui and use Shaikh as title. Sirajuddin was born 1853 at Dehli in Koocha Balli Maran. They shifted to Lahore in late of 18th century after the seige of Dehli in 1857. and settled in the walled city. Sirajuddin started as cloth marchant in the begining, started a printing press and later The Indian Watch Company in Anarkali in 1905, lost eyesight in 1911, moved to 15-Temple Road in 1927
Name Born Remove
Maidan, Sirajuddin 1863
Sheikh, Anis 1932
Sheikh, Hamid Hasan 1905
Sheikh, Jawaid Hamid 1939
Sheikh, Mehar Elahi 1890
Sheikh, Muhammad Afzaal 1925
Sheikh, Muhammad Jamil 1907
Sheikh, Muhammad Saeed 1910
Sheikh, Noor Elahi 1879
Sheikh, Raheal Masud 1950
Sheikh, Saad Hamid 1943
Sheikh, Shahin Afzaal 1947
Sheikh, Sharjeal Masud 1953
Siddiqui, Muhammad Zarar 1943
Siddiqui, Muhammad Zubair 1938

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